How to Correct Your Pelvic Alignment VIDEO

The post I wrote years ago titled How to Correct Your Pelvic Alignment is the most popular post I have written.  While it is heavily doubted among many healthcare providers that you can have a problem with pelvic alignment or that it can be corrected at all – I cannot begin to tell you how many patients pelvic alignment correction has helped.

Because there has been so much interest in how to correct pelvic alignment, Alcove Education, my continuing education company, is in the process of creating a video on how to do this.  This will be a professional video for purchase.  We are finding a production company that can do this and will begin filming as soon as we are able.

I have no clue when this will be available, but if I have things my way, I’d like it to be ready before the end of 2017.

Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments or leave them anonymously in the comment section below.

14 thoughts on “How to Correct Your Pelvic Alignment VIDEO”

  1. That blog post helped me tremendously when I was pregnant and my SI joint felt like it had slipped. I am so grateful and think this could help so many people.

  2. Would love to purchase a copy of this video when it comes out! I have hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction and lymphedema due to a hysterectomy.

  3. I will be watching for this to be released so I can get a copy.
    On an unrelated note, your unsubscribe link has been broken for a while. I’d never leave; just updated email and get multiple messages now. 🙂

  4. Sara,
    This video sounds great, I would love one too. I have a pelvic PT working on me now to correct my pelvic alignment. I’m having more aductor pain now, than when I started. I want to know if I’m ever back in alignment – is this a condition that needs to be checked, or treated on a regular basis? Or once back in alignment, are you good to go with certain exercises etc.? Wish I was closer to Austin – I would come see you.
    Thank you,

  5. I’d like a copy of the video. I was told I had herniated discs. 2 years of discomfort. A masseuse just released my grasilis and now I have constant pelvic pressure and urge to urinate. But my leg feels amazing and I can walk normally!

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