Tightly Wound: A Film About Pelvic Pain


I’m doing a series about a new animated short film about pelvic pain.  It’s called Tightly Wound.  The film is based off of an essay written in this month’s BUST magazine (a magazine for young women – a magazine that I contacted about pelvic floor issues in women – a magazine that ignored my requests, but that’s neither here, nor there, right?).  Read the essay here.  <— click on this word

I learned about the film from the director, producer and writer:  Shelby Hadden.  The film is about her life with pelvic pain.  It’s an honest and vulnerable account of what it means to not be able to insert anything into your vagina.

Shelby has a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete the film.  This started, oh, an hour ago….  The way it works is if you donate anything to the film, you only actually complete the donation if the entire campaign goal is reached.  Meaning, the film is raising $20,000, but if this amount is not raised by the end of November, then no one who has donated any funds actually ends up donating anything.  It’s all or nothing.  Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.  <— click on this word

If you do nothing though, at least be a voyeur and watch the film trailer here.  <— click on this word

Seriously.  I mean, you’re already reading this blog….


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